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With almost a decade of experience, we have been able to create and innovate solutions, as well as build solid partnerships, that ultimately translates to an extremely efficient way of Organizing Events in Davao City.

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Got an event happening in Davao City? Here's how we can help.

  • Events Orginizing

    Companies and fellow events organizers engage us to help them plan, organize, and/or execute events. We work at a flexible level of engagement, from minimal assistance, to full-on events organizing.

  • Coordination and Resourcing

    One of the most challenging aspects of events organizing is coming up with the resources needed, from venue, to lights and sounds, from man power, to technology. This is where we come in. With our list of ready-to-deploy solutions, and partnerships with 3rd Party Providers in the City, we are able get all the parts needed, and put them together for you so you can focus on what matter's most.

  • Products and Services

    Similar to resourcing but more specific to our read-to-deploy solutions for your events. We have a wide range of rental Products (eg. Registration Terminals, ID printers, LED Panels), and Services (eg. graphics design and printing, web site design) that can help your Event reach its full potential.

  • Talents

    Good and reliable talents are hard to come by, specially when dealing with Free Lancers. So don't risk it. From Hosts, Musicians, to Models, our existing contacts and recurring talents assures you of a worry-free, and hassle-free booking.

Make your life easier, let us help!

Engage us in 3 EASY steps!

We offer different levels of engagement, as well as a wide range of Products and Services. Instead of overwhelming you with options, let us simplify the process for you.

Why our solutions make sense?

There is really no reason for you to start from scratch and risk problems for your event! Now, we know everyone's got concerns, let us ease your worries.

Your Concerns

  • Price?

    Our Products and Services are constantly evaluated and matched with current industry offerings. We assure you that based on specification, features, availability, and commitment to execute, our prices are quite a steal!

  • Third-Party?

    Instead of you dealing with several companies, you deal with us, and we deal with them for you! And because of our special partnerships with 3rd Party providers in the City, you are assured of reliability at the same price of you directly dealing with them!

  • Speed and Efficiency?

    We've been doing this for a while already - and for you that means we are a fine-tuned events organizing machine that you can rely on! Above all, we are honest with our time-frames (others just lead you on).

Solutions for your Events

Apart from being able to organize your whole event for you, we can also provide specific solutions that fits just what you need. Here are just some of our solutions commonly availed. Dig in!

Registration Systems

One of the most requested products (and services), our Event Registration System (ERS) is one of the smartest registration systems out there. It allows you to track attendance and collect useful information from your guests. It is easy to setup, and requires very minimal resources.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy to deploy and operate
  • Web based design with MySQL database
  • Can run on Computers , Laptops, and Mobile Devices!
  • Can be made to track exits
  • Live traffic monitoring
  • Useful reports
  • Advanced features available
  • Custom features by request
  • and more
Advanced Features
At the core, an event registration system should be able to save Guest information, and that's what this solution is about. However, our ERS can take things to the next level by offering features such as:
  • Easy Raffling System
  • Pre-Registrations Online
  • Guest Tracking (Enter/Exit/Areas)
  • Barcode and NFC Integration
  • ID Printing
  • and more

Price Estimate: Php 1,500.00 - Php 5,000.00 per Day

(On average depending on features, number of terminals, and days of use)

Booth and Panel Essentials

Indoor and Outdoor event essentials such as Booths, Panels, Carpeting, lights, tables, chairs, electrical wiring, internet-wifi, and more.

Models and Ushers

This is the most commonly requested talent for most events, whether it's for product promotion, guest assistance, booth personality, and many more. We have access to hundreds of Male and Female Models through direct our direct contacts as well as partner Model agencies in the City. We are sure to have what you are looking for!

What people are saying about us...

The best way to gauge our credibility is by the great feedbacks we're getting from all over! From clients, companies, event venues, fellow organizers, guests, pretty much everyone.

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